NG video color study

2013-10-29 15:10:07 by PeterThePeasant

I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but I've recently discovered some minor color differences with NG and YT when converting videos with both websites.

I first start with Swivel to convert the swf over to mp4. Then I upload the exact mp4 to both websites.

I printed the 3 comparisons (Original, Newgrounds, and Youtube) of 2 prominent color differences, while monitoring the Red, Green and Blue values.


Newgrounds converter seems to bump up all of the RGB colors by at least 5-10. The largest difference was a gap of 27 in the Green value of the orange color.

Youtube converter seems to be near dead on with all RGB values, varying from 0-2.

I'm sure there are some variables that I haven't accounted for. The quality of the stream might be responsible for changing the RGB values. The original was captured with the Windows Media Player. My player's codec could interpret the colors differently in the original video.

Has anyone discovered similar results? Is this old news since the video player has been incorporated for awhile? I post this here because YouTube couldn't give a fuck if anything was messed up, or out of place. They monitor my videos for copyright AFTER I have proven purchased licenses for music. So there's that too.


Wheel Meet Again in the NG portal.

NG video color study


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2013-10-29 15:55:53

It doesn't really look all taht different so does it matter?


2013-10-29 16:40:17

You got an eye for details - I'm not sure why this occurs, but it's very weird.


2013-10-29 17:02:08

I'm working on fixing this. It's most noticeable with reds I believe. Follow me if you want updates.

PeterThePeasant responds:

Will do, thank you. Sometimes it's not that noticeable in cartoons, but like you said, it just takes a few colors to bring it to attention.


2013-10-29 17:04:06

What the hell?
This could be a problem for gradients, since they involve gradual changes of color on the picture. This could be a problem for shading or textures that have small hue/brightness differences. This is a problem for photos, which will obviously look plain wrong like that. This is a problem for dark horror-themed movies which have lots of darkness, because darkness would look greenish, reddish, blueish or brighter than needed.
This is a problem.


2013-10-29 17:49:53

Is good that Mr Bren is aware of this, and giving it a look.
So that means... this is not a joke on NG theme being orange, and thus the page changes the oranges tones haha.

PeterThePeasant responds:

Hah, I hope so. Newgrounds is such a great community, hope it can be fixed.


2013-10-29 19:14:36

dosen't affect the video

PeterThePeasant responds:

Thanks for the support!


2013-10-29 23:50:35

Well even with that your video still looks nice.


2013-10-30 00:34:01

I got the same problem with my videos, I can't confirm but I think they use the Adobe RGB colour profile rather than sRGB. If you check the charts there is a huge difference between the green point of both profiles.

PeterThePeasant responds:

You're right on those charts. Thanks for the response.


2013-10-30 10:47:21

Unrelated, I'll front page this after Halloween! Trying to cram as much Halloween stuff on FP as possible at the moment - remind me if it doesn't hit FP later!

PeterThePeasant responds:

Thanks, Tom! The collabs and contests are great.


2013-10-30 15:34:35

Will you do your same analysis on this screenshot? This is youtube on the left, VLC on the right. The colors look the same to me, which suggests the problem is with our player.


2013-11-18 15:15:36

We've isolated the color issues to the Google Chrome version of Flash on Windows. If you disable Chrome's version and use the the system version, the colors are as they should be. We're not sure why this is and I don't know when or if we'll be able to fix this.